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Street Banner Display Mockup Design

The Street Banner Display Mockup Design should present a realistic street scene or outdoor setting, providing a context that closely resembles the actual location where the banner will be displayed. This may include elements such as buildings, sidewalks, roads, lampposts, or other relevant surroundings. The mockup should accurately represent the size and proportions of the street banner. Consider the dimensions and aspect ratio to ensure the mockup aligns with the intended display location and maintains a realistic scale.

Pay attention to lighting conditions and shadows in the Banner mockup. Capture the way natural or artificial light interacts with the banner, as this can greatly impact its visibility and overall appearance in an outdoor setting. Depending on the desired effect, the mockup can reflect different weather conditions such as a sunny day, cloudy sky, rain, or even night-time illumination. This can help assess the banner’s visibility and legibility under different weather scenarios.

Mockup Graphics

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